Critical Review Editing

What is Different about Editing a Critical Review?

Writing an undergraduate critical review—or a postgraduate literature review—can be a daunting task. Critical reviews often require wide reading and synthesis of ideas. Our editing service provides you with the assurance that your complex analysis of the literature will be presented logically and appropriately, with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Critical reviews—and literature reviews—are commonplace in academia. However, critical reviews are approached differently depending on the field of study. Critical reviews for the Humanities and Social Sciences—such as history and English critical reviews—are different to those written for disciplines such as psychology, medicine, law or business. The common feature of critical reviews across all disciplines is that extensive and accurate referencing is required. Critical review editing ensures that your essay is referenced correctly and consistently, and follows the language and style guidelines of your university or institution. Further, our team of specialist editors ensure that you receive targeted feedback to improve your academic writing, giving you valuable advice that can be applied to future assignments. Whether its engineering, economics or English, we can help you succeed with your critical review.

The Benefits of Critical Review Editing

Writing a critical review is a complex task. It involves wide reading (or reading of a set list of texts), critical thinking and sophisticated synthesis before you start writing.

In a task that requires higher-order thinking—such as writing a critical review of literature—it is crucial that your ideas are presented with clarity and grammatical coherence. Our editors are specialists in the nuances of language and can ensure that your work adheres to the correct academic conventions. Further, we can provide feedback about how effectively your argument is sustained and identify generalisations that are unsupported.

And given the importance of correct referencing in a critical review, it is beneficial for postgrad students that Capstone Editing’s highly qualified and experienced essay editors can ensure that any referencing style is presented consistently and accurately in a document.

Specifically, your essay editor will ensure your critical review:
  • Presents ideas in a logical manner
  • Uses the correct style and tone for the specific demands of the task
  • Is correctly and consistently presented (i.e., spelling, grammar and punctuation)
  • Adheres to all the formatting and other requirements of the task
  • Is precisely referenced according to the required style (APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago etc.)
Having your critical review edited by Capstone Editing:
  • Saves you a substantial amount of time by ensuring your language, formatting and referencing is perfect, so you can focus on the reading, synthesis of the ideas and building your argument
  • Provides you with the confidence of knowing that your critical review fulfils the requirements of the task or assignment
  • Gives you targeted feedback that you can use to improve your academic writing more broadly

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