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What is Different about Paper Editing

Paper editing can refer to a range of different documents depending on the level of education, context and even geographical region. The term ‘paper’ in relation to academic work originates from the United States, where it primarily refers to essays or assignments, but it can also be used to refer to an academic paper in a journal or an evidence-based research paper. Whether it is a doctoral degree paper for publication or a literature review paper, Capstone Editing’s multi-disciplinary team of editors can provide for all your paper editing needs.

If the paper you are writing is in the form of an essay, it can be presented in an argumentative style (where you are convincing the reader of your opinions), an expository style (where you describe a theory or concept) or a descriptive style (where you will depict a certain event, person or place). Our experienced editors can understand your essay and paper editing needs and can cater to any essay type. For some tips on how to start writing your essay, you can refer to our blog post ‘How to Write an Essay’.

If the paper presents in the form of an assignment, the scope would largely depend on the specific assignment guidelines, meaning you could be producing a presentation, a case study, a report, an abstract or even a reflective journal. Research papers are a common form of editing Our team of editors offer assignment editing as well as paper editing for a wide range of disciplines, producing a flawless document every time.

Finally, if you are writing a research paper, your document should aim to provide a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the findings of your own authentic research. Clarity, conciseness and coherence are key elements of a good research paper; you can be assured that Capstone Editing will deliver on these qualities to ensure the paper effectively impresses its target audience.

The Benefits of Paper Editing

Time constraints, a lack of self-editing and possible language barriers, such as English not being your first language, often result in many academics turning in mediocre papers that do not do their content justice. Regardless of the style and length of your paper, professional editing is always beneficial to ensure your paper is impactful and flawless. Further, the competitive nature of academia requires research papers to be polished to perfection, both in terms of the command of the language and the validity of the research, to improve chances of publication.

Your specialist copyeditor will guarantee that your paper:
  • Will be tailored to the task and audience it is aimed at, such as by ensuring appropriate writing styles are followed and adhering to prescribed formats and word counts.
  • Will be free of any spelling, syntax, punctuation and grammatical errors.
  • Will be consistent in terms of word usage and sentence structure, taking into account any discipline-specific conventions and terminology.
Paper editing is a popular choice with Capstone Editing’s clients because:
  • Our copyeditors can review their writing meticulously, thus saving them time and helping to point out any issues that they may have missed when self-editing.
  • They can identify common errors that they make in writing while also taking advantage of the letter and style guide sheet our editors provide so they can improve in future writing tasks.
  • They can trust the calibre of our team of editors who hold PhD and master’s qualifications across a range of academic areas and have years of experience in academic editing.

Capstone Editing’s Paper Editing Services

At Capstone Editing, we offer a broad range of academic editing services that can ensure your paper will stand out for all the right reasons.

Premium Copyediting

Most of our clients find that Premium Copyediting meets their academic editing needs. This service incorporates essential language editing, where our copyeditors will review the spelling, punctuation, grammar and word choice within your paper, along with a consideration of the style, logic, clarity and flow as well as internal consistency. You will receive a letter from your editor with constructive advice and suggestions as well as a style guide to follow should you make any further changes.

To access our Premium Copyediting service, you are welcome to submit your paper to us online.

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