Academic Job Application Editing

What is Different about Academic Job Application Editing

An academic job application requires a level of detail and length that makes it quite unlike applying for a job in the public sector. This may initially seem daunting, especially for early-career academics applying for their first university post. However, the length and breadth of an academic job application provides an excellent opportunity for applicants to demonstrate and elaborate on their experiences, capabilities and achievements by providing a response to the selection criteria, accompanied by a CV and cover letter.

Capstone Editing has edited hundreds of academic job applications and helped many of its clients to secure academic positions. Our specialised academic editors are familiar with the specific requirements of university job applications and possess the expertise required to edit your responses to the selection criteria, CV and cover letter for maximum impact. We can guarantee that your application is perfectly worded to demonstrate your suitability for the advertised position.

The Benefits of Academic Job Application Editing

The writing required for an academic job application is identical to other types of academic writing in that it requires the adherence to particular conventions. Our academic copyeditors specialise in editing for academics and will help you to produce a job application that is impeccably written and conforms to the expectations of both HR and the senior academics who will be reviewing it. We will ensure that each document included in your job application is flawlessly presented and written to demonstrate your strengths and capabilities in the best possible way.

For your responses to the selection criteria, our specialist academic editors will:
  • Check that each response is written correctly using the STAR (situation, task, action, results) formula
  • Ensure that you provide the best examples without being repetitive
  • Edit your responses so that they are written concisely, directly responding to each criterion and emphasising the best aspects of your work and research background
  • Remove content that may detract from presenting you or your work history in the best way or that does not relate strongly to the selection criterion being addressed
  • Help you to write about yourself honestly and modestly, while still emphasising your strengths and achievements
Your CV will be edited to ensure that:
  • It is perfectly formatted to convey information clearly and easily
  • The best parts of your work and research background are immediately visible
  • There is no extraneous information that may detract from your achievements
  • It provides a concise and legible summary of all relevant research proposals, internships, sessional employment and past and forthcoming publications
Your editor will make certain that your cover letter:
  • Strikes a balanced tone that is both professional and personable
  • Briefly draws attention to the highlights of your CV
  • Introduces you as an individual to your potential future colleagues
Academic editing of your job application:
  • Guarantees that it is free of typos and infelicities in punctuation and grammar
  • Ensures each document is consistently and flawlessly presented
  • Gives you the best possible chance of securing an interview for the position

Capstone Editing’s Academic Job Application Editing Services

Capstone Editing offers a range of editing services to assist you with your academic job application.

Premium Copyediting

This service entails complete copyediting of your job application. Our copyeditors will check your documents for punctuation, grammar, spelling and formatting errors as well as providing an overall edit of the structure, consistency and style of writing and referencing. Editing to meet any additional requirements for specific job applications, such as formatting or length limitations, is also included in this service.

Submit your document online to easily access the Premium Copyediting service.

Substantive and Platinum (Heavy) Editing

In addition to our Premium Copyediting service, the following specialised services are also available for academic job applications:

  • Substantive Editing:
    For documents that require more comprehensive editorial advice, this service extends on aspects covered by the Premium Copyediting service to include major assistance with the structure, organisation and written expression in your job application. This service may be especially useful for job applicants who are struggling to avoid repetition in their responses to selection criteria or who find it difficult to write naturally about themselves.
  • Platinum (Heavy) Editing:
    This service has been designed for non-native English (ESL) writers. In addition to the features included in the Premium Copyediting service, our specialised editors will provide further assistance with the organisational and structural aspects of writing, as well as sentence structure and significant rewording.

Simply email your job application documents to Capstone Editing to request one of these services and to find out more about our rates.


The Capstone Editing Proofreading service is provided for those clients who are satisfied with the content and formatting of their job applications but require the services of a professional proofreader to check for typos or inconsistencies in their writing and presentation. Our proofreaders guarantee that your job application is polished, consistent and perfectly presented.

To have your job application professionally proofread, email your documents to us with a request for this service and we will respond with information about our prices.

Tailor-Made Services

Capstone Editing offers an additional number of tailor-made editing solutions for your academic documents. You may be happy with the content of your job application but need to have your CV completely reformatted and restructured, or you may need to have your list of publications consistently referenced following one style. To enquire about how we can help to meet your needs, and to receive a quotation, please email us your documents and the relevant instructions.

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