Conference Paper Editing

What is Different about Conference Paper Editing

Every year, Capstone Editing edits countless conference papers, both at the proposal and presentation stage. The nature of conference paper editing changes depending on the goals of the client. When editing a conference paper proposal, the focus must be on demonstrating a clear vision for the presentation, its relevance to the conference topic and its potential to engage an audience. When editing the presentation itself, the primary focus is on its clarity and effectiveness as a spoken-word document and its importance as a scientific or research paper demonstrating significant new findings in a specialised field.

Writing for an Academic Audience

Conferences make up an important part of academic participation and success. Not only do they offer an opportunity for students and experts to present significant new research to an audience of like-minded peers, but they also provide the platform for important networking and future research exchanges. For the editor, conference paper editing cannot be separated from the consideration of the target audience and how best to reach and connect with that audience.

Capstone Editing specialises in editing for academics and can ensure that the ideas presented in your paper are engaging, lucid and plausibly argued, offering the very best exposure of your work to a highly specialised and academically rigorous audience.

Proposal, Presentation and Publication

Our highly qualified and skilled editors can provide editing at all stages of the conference paper process. From the initial proposal to the development of an engaging and well-structured paper for presentation as well as the preparation of your paper for publication in conference proceedings, all academics can benefit from professional editorial assistance. We can even help you to convert your paper for publication as a book chapter or journal article.

The Benefits of Conference Paper Editing

Whether you are presenting at a plenary session or on a panel or giving a workshop or poster presentation, our editors will ensure that your research is presented for maximum interest and effect. Capstone Editing’s experienced and specialised editors help you to produce a conference paper that is engaging and articulate as a spoken-word document and that meets all the requirements for presenting significant research to a specialised audience.

Academic editing of your conference paper proposal:
  • Increases the likelihood of your paper being accepted into the conference
  • Ensures the proposal adheres to word limitations
  • Presents a clear vision of your presentation, demonstrating its relevance to the conference topic and significance in the field
Your editor will ensure your conference paper:
  • Is clearly structured and logically argued, with areas of potential ambiguity flagged for your attention
  • Presents and explicates your results clearly
  • Adheres to an appropriate length, based on time limitations
  • Takes the correct tone (i.e., of an expert, presenting to other experts)
  • Reads smoothly as a spoken document allowing you to present your research with confidence
For conference papers written for publication, your editor will:
  • Ensure the paper follows the formatting and referencing guidelines of the conference proceedings
  • Check the transition of the language and phrasing from spoken-word to written-word document
  • Review the correct and consistent presentation of all tables and figures
  • Increase the chances of your paper being accepted for the published conference proceedings the first time

Capstone Editing’s Conference Paper Editing Services

Capstone Editing offers a number of services to assist with your conference paper proposal, presentation or publication.

Premium Copyediting

Our Premium Copyediting service is designed to suit the needs of most of our clients. Our editors will check your document for any errors or inconsistencies. This service incorporates language editing (including spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, logic and consistency of content and structure) and any additional requirements for publication in conference proceedings, including referencing, formatting and word reduction.

You can easily submit your conference paper online to access our Premium Copyediting service.

Substantive and Platinum (Heavy) Editing

Two further services are available for those conference papers that require a more specialised level of intervention from our experienced academic editors:

  • Substantive Editing:
    This service is available for academics, government and industry clients. It extends on aspects covered by the Premium Copyediting service and includes improvements in the structure, logic and organisation of the conference paper. This service is particularly useful for clients who are relatively new to the conference circuit (either at the level of delivery or publication) or who are converting existing writing (from a thesis or book chapter) into a conference paper appropriate for spoken delivery. Please note that this service is not available for students.
  • Platinum (Heavy) Editing:
    This service is specially designed for ESL writers/speakers and includes all aspects of the Premium Copyediting service, with a greater focus on sentence structure and rewording, assistance with the organisation and structure of the conference paper and identification of areas that may require further support.

You can email your document to Capstone Editing to receive personalised rates for our Substantive or Platinum (Heavy) Editing services.


If you are happy with your conference paper overall but feel it could benefit from proofreading, then this service may suit you best. This service does not include a complete copyedit, but Capstone Editing’s proofreaders will ensure your paper is polished, consistent and perfectly presented. Simply email us with your document attached to enquire about our proofreading service.

Tailor-Made Services

Capstone Editing also offers tailor-made editing solutions for academics. Perhaps you wish to convert your paper into a journal article or book chapter following the conference presentation. For these and other tailor-made services, please email us for a quotation, including your instructions and document as attachments, as prices will vary.

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