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What is Different about Report Editing

Reports are a common form of assessment in academia, but they are also widely used in workplaces across a range of professions and industries. While the general requirement of most reports is to present information in a concise and structured format, a technical report may involve very different components and specifications compared to a field report or a scientific report.

Capstone Editing’s qualified editors have perused and corrected hundreds of reports from different disciplines and have supported our clients to produce documents that are polished, accurate, informative and tailored to their audience. Whether you are writing a business report for your company, a laboratory report for your biochemistry practical or a legal report as part of your law degree, our team of multi-disciplinary editors will guarantee that your report is polished and perfect.

The Benefits of Report Editing

The value of an excellent report spans beyond the classroom; for example, a quality industry report may be the sole point of difference between you or another firm securing a client or the most important factor in making a key business decision. Report writers are usually specialists in their field, but having a second set of eyes to inspect and copyedit your report can help you pick up on surface errors and help improve readability and factual clarity.

Your specialist copyeditor will ensure that your report:
  • Is professionally presented and adheres the specific format and guidelines of your task
  • Is tailored to its intended audience, reflected by accurate use of industry conventions, vocabulary and terminology
  • Will be error-free and will convey your message in a clear and consistent manner to maximise the impact of your information
Our clients choose report editing because of:
  • The valuable time and effort that is saved by outsourcing report editing services to an expert who can effectively review their writing while also giving suggestions for improvement or making the improvements
  • The fantastic first impression a well-written report will make due to improved readability, organisation and coherence
  • The competitive nature of academia, and the Australian economy in general, which calls for higher quality material to be produced to give them a competitive edge.

Capstone Editing’s Report Editing Services

The following are the range of editing services we offer to academic or industry clients looking to polish their reports to perfection.

Premium Copyediting

Capstone Editing’s Premium Copyediting service suits the needs of most of our clients. Aside from general language editing (which includes proofreading and correction of spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax errors), this service also involves a thorough review of the style, logic and consistency of content within your document. Specifically, for reports, our experienced editors will incorporate the discipline or industry-specific requirements, which may involve structural editing, formatting, referencing and word reduction, if necessary.

You can access our Premium Copyediting service by submitting your report to us online.

Substantive and Platinum (Heavy) Editing

For reports that may involve more specialised revisions by our seasoned academic editors, the following are services we can offer:

  • Substantive Editing
    Our Substantive Editing service involves comprehensive language editing as well an added focus on refining the structure, length and organisation of your report. Our editors may even reword text to improve the logic and flow of the writing to ensure your report is coherent and convincing. This service is only available to academics, government or industry clients.
  • Platinum (Heavy) Editing
    Designed specifically for our non-Native English (ESL) writers, our Platinum (Heavy) Editing service looks to support our clients by providing extensive editing and feedback for future improvement. This may involve meticulous sentence rewording as well as constructive advice on how to improve the structure, organisation and support of statements within your report.

Should you wish to access either of these services, please email your document to us and state which service you would like to use.


If you are relatively satisfied with your report, or if you have already had the benefit of prior editing but want a second opinion, our Proofreading service may be all you require. Our proofreading service does not involve a full copyedit, but will pick up on surface errors and will ensure that your report is consistent, professionally presented and adheres to the specified guidelines. You can email us your document to find out if this is the service for you.

Tailor-Made Services

Due to our diverse client base, Capstone Editing offers tailor-made editing packages to suit individual needs. In our experience, some clients may require reports to be converted into journal articles or conference papers, while others may just want their documents edited to accommodate a different audience. Should you wish for us to devise an editing solution that fits your specifications, you can email us your document with your instructions so we can give you an appropriate quotation.

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