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What is Different about Proposal Editing

A solid and convincing research proposal can be a crucial foundation of your academic career. If you are writing a research proposal to gain admission into an Honours Degree, Masters by Research or PhD, Capstone Editing’s team of multi-disciplinary editors understand that your proposal needs to communicate your understanding of the academic inquiry process and to be able to present your research in a clear and credible manner. Doctoral students are also customarily required to write a more comprehensive research proposal to confirm their candidature in their PhD and to formally summarise their intended research. Capstone Editing is committed to polishing your proposal so it will impress your audience and will assure them of your knowledge, expertise and professionalism in your field of research.

The Benefits of Proposal Editing

So much time and effort go into the preparation of a research proposal, but even the most prolific of writers may miss errors because you may be focusing more on the content. Additionally, as a specialist in a certain area, your research proposal may seem clear to you but may not read as well to a supervisor who may not be as well informed in that subject area.

Capstone Editing’s team of editors have seen thousands of research proposals from a range of faculties and topics. Whether your field of research is clinical psychology, chemical engineering or educational leadership, you can have confidence that our editors know how to best assist you in creating an impeccable proposal and impressing your assessors.

Capstone Editing’s editors will assist you in:
  • Producing a professionally written proposal free of any grammatical, syntax, punctuation and spelling errors
  • Ensuring each component of the proposal is communicated incorporating a consistent style, sentence structure and word selection
  • Adhering to word count limitations by helping you maintain conciseness
  • Ensuring your referencing is complete and accurate
  • Offering a brief assessment of your actual research idea for validity, originality and achievability
Some advantages of research proposal editing include:
  • Having a qualified editor review your research process and communication style so as to not detract from your expert research idea
  • Emphasising your knowledge, proficiency and dedication to your area of research interest while also ensuring that your research methods and approaches are appropriate to the discipline
  • Giving you a competitive edge that may increase your success of acceptance or confirmation into your postgraduate course
  • Substantially saving you time, which you can put towards designing and undertaking your actual research process

Capstone Editing’s Proposal Editing Services

The following are a range of academic editing services we offer to best meet your needs pertaining to your research proposal.

Premium Copyediting

Most of our academic clients find that our Premium Copyediting service is the ideal choice for their document or publication. This service involves comprehensive language editing inclusive of spelling, grammar, punctuation, style as well as the consistency of structure and content. Specifically, your assigned editor will consider the conventions of your discipline while considering formatting, referencing styles and word reduction, if necessary.

You can access our Premium Copyediting service by submitting your research proposal to us online.

Substantive and Platinum (Heavy) Editing

Capstone Editing also offers the following specialised editing services:

  • Substantive Editing
    Substantive Editing incorporates the language editing elements of the Premium Copyediting service while delving further into the organisation, structure, coherence and fluency of the writing. This may also involve a revision and rewording of parts of the proposal to communicate your research intentions in a clearer and more succinct manner.
  • Platinum (Heavy) Editing
    While initially designed for non-Native English (ESL) writers, our Heavy Editing service can cater to any client who needs a more in-depth style of editing. Aside from comprehensive recommendations on making grammatical and structural improvements, this service may also involve substantial sentence rewording and identification of statements needing further support.

Should you wish to enquire about either of these services, you can contact us via email.


Capstone Editing’s proofreading service is an ideal option if your proposal does not require considerable language or structural editing. This service targets surface errors and final stage refinement of your proposal, ensuring that it is error-free. If you would like to engage with one of our proofreaders, you can do so by emailing your document to us.

Tailor-Made Services

Occasionally, our clients may need a tailored editing package to meet their additional needs, such as adapting their research proposal for a different discipline or faculty or turning it into a successful grant proposal. Please feel free to email your instructions to us along with the document you want edited so we can provide a quotation as well as the steps we will take to fulfil your request.

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