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What is Different about Application Essay Editing

Capstone Editing recognises that an exceptional and impactive application essay is a vital part of a student’s academic path. Universities receive thousands of application essays each year, hence it is crucial that your essay stands out above the rest. While your application essay is an opportunity to highlight your strengths, personal beliefs and values, it also provides admission officers with an understanding of the clarity and coherence of your written communication. Having your application essay edited by our experienced academic essay editors will ensure that you are presenting your best piece of writing for higher prospects of success.

The Benefits of Application Essay Editing

The editorial team at Capstone Editing has extensive experience editing essays and documents from a range of different academic levels and disciplines. Whether the purpose of your application essay is a means of gaining admission into a prestigious university or to secure a scholarship, you can be assured that we will provide the highest quality editing to help you achieve your academic goals.

Your specialist editor will guarantee that your application essay:
  • Meets the requirements of the application question as well as adhering to guidelines and the set word limit.
  • Presents a credible and compelling depiction of your character, capabilities and the values that you bring to the institution.
  • Is devoid of any grammatical, spelling, punctuation and tonal errors.
  • Uses a professional writing style that is consistent throughout your essay and applies the correct word usage, sentence structure and a logical flow of thoughts.
Application essay editing is extremely beneficial as it:
  • Saves you time, especially if you are applying to a range of different universities, which may require you to prepare several different versions of your essay with different focuses.
  • Allows you an external perspective on your writing piece to pick up any errors or discrepancies you may have missed.
  • Gives you the best possible opportunity to succeed in your application for a university degree or for a scholarship.

Capstone Editing’s Application Essay Editing Services

Capstone Editing offers a variety of different services to cater to your specific editing needs.

Premium Copyediting

The majority of our clients choose Premium Copyediting for their academic and professional needs. This service incorporates general proofreading to eliminate formatting, spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors but also includes an analysis of the structure, style and consistency of your application essay to ensure it is fluent and coherent.

If this sounds like the service you require, you can submit your application essay online at any time.

Platinum (Heavy) Editing

Our heavy editing service offers a deeper and more intensive level of editing for those who require more assistance:

  • Platinum (Heavy) Editing
    Capstone Editing’s heavy editing service was devised with the non-Native English (ESL) student in mind to assist these clients in a thorough and personalised way. Your application essay will be edited meticulously, involving significant rewording as well as comprehensive advice on improving structure, organisation and support of statements. Don’t let language barriers affect your future educational opportunities!

Please email us your application essay and we will contact you with a quotation and let you know how we can help.

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