Research Proposal Editing

What is Different about Research Proposal Editing

A research proposal is usually the first specialised document produced by a potential or new postgraduate student, and its success provides an entry point into academia. No matter in which field you are writing, and what research project you are proposing, your research proposal must be clearly written to demonstrate both your proficiency in your field and the potential to produce an original contribution to it.

At the postgraduate level, a good research proposal will also become the basis of your Masters or PhD dissertation. Research proposal editing assists in making this eventuality seem plausible to both the peers and senior academics who will read it.

For academics, research proposals are often a crucial part of funding application success. Capstone Editing has vast experience editing all types of research proposals for varied research projects in all academic disciplines.

The Benefits of Research Proposal Editing

Capstone Editing specialises in all forms of academic editing for documents at a range of levels, from graduate through to MBA, doctoral and professorial. Each year, we edit countless academic book manuscripts, journal articles and grant applications. Services for postgrads range from scholarship application editing to thesis editing.

Our editors are experts at assisting both established and fledgling academics to deliver writing that meets the rigorous requirements of academic production and publication. Having your research proposal edited by specialised academic editors who are familiar with these requirements will provide you with your best chance of demonstrating the value of your research to your peers and is the first step towards writing your thesis or publication.

Your specialist academic editor will ensure that:
  • Your research project is concisely summarised and its importance to the field is clearly apparent
  • There is a definite link between the literature listed in your bibliography and the grounding for your study
  • Your proposal unambiguously explains how the research will addresses a gap in the existing literature or otherwise produce an original contribution to the field
  • All university requirements in terms of budget, ethics clearance, timelines and research participants or associates are adequately addressed in the proposal
Your editor will check that your research proposal:
  • Is free of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors
  • Is clearly structured and formatted
  • Includes a bibliography that is correctly formatted and referenced in adherence with the requirements of your university

Capstone Editing’s Research Proposal Editing Services

Capstone Editing offers two key types of editing services for research proposals:

Premium Copyediting

Our Premium Copyediting service is the most comprehensive overall copyediting service for research proposals. Our professional copyeditors will check your text for infelicities and errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling and formatting. We will also identify structural problems and inconsistencies in the style of writing or referencing and check your document to ensure that it meets any additional requirements stipulated by your university.

To use our Premium Copyediting service for your research proposal, simply submit your document online now.

Heavy Editing

In addition to our Premium Copyediting service we offer an additional service that has been developed especially for non-native English (ESL) writers. Our Heavy Editing Service includes all the features offered in the Premium Copyediting service with an additional focus on aspects of English writing that are commonly problematic for international students. Our academic editors will provide specialised assistance and advice on organisation and structure as well as sentence structure and wording.

To hire one of our specialised editors or to find out more about our prices and rates, please email your request along with your research proposal to Capstone Editing.

Academic clients can also choose to select our Substantive Editing service. This service is not available to postgraduate students.

We look forward to assisting you in having your research proposal accepted!

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