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Searching for Qualified Academic Editors in NSW?

Are you a PhD or master’s student looking for top-tier thesis editing? Or perhaps you are an academic in need of some document formatting services and online proofreading service assistance before submitting to a journal. Capstone Editing has a team of the most reliable and professional editors in NSW.

Unlike other editing companies, many of our NSW editors are PhD-qualified academics themselves. They understand how important it is to get your document looking the very best. Each one of our editors comes from Australia or New Zealand, and each also undertakes rigorous training to ensure our high standards are met every time.

Not only do we offer a comprehensive academic editing services, but we also offer additional services for referencing and copyediting.

Though our editors are extremely academically minded, we also offer our services beyond academic manuscripts. We have specially trained editors in NSW who focus on helping clients with English as an additional language, as well as editors who provide fiction editinggrant proposal editing and government editing services.

Whatever your editing and proofreading needs may be, Capstone Editing has the solution.
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