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While natural aptitude is essential if you want to become a fantastic editor, it’s also true that editing is a highly technical skill. Editors love working with the rules of language and writing. There are countless books and articles weighing in on everything from minor grammatical disagreements to profound linguistic controversies. When it comes to something like the correct use of hyphens or quotation marks, we can find clear answers to any questions.

But there’s two questions that people still struggle to answer: ‘how do I get a job as an editor?’ and ‘how do I get a job as an editor that actually pays well?’

In Australia today, there is no clear pathway to becoming a professional editor. Potential clients and employers often misunderstand the role of editors, and the expertise it requires to be one. Plus, there are very few degrees that teach editing, and many of these degrees leave a lot to be desired.

It is clearer than ever that editors need to take the lead in continuing to advance our profession and equip ourselves with the confidence and knowledge to find work and get paid what we’re worth.

That is why I’m thrilled to announce a brand-new course, Your Editing Career Launched, that I’ve designed to address this need.

Whether you’re hoping to break into the industry or you want to hone essential skills and reach the next level, this course is an exclusive opportunity to learn from the best and get the edge you need to set yourself apart.

Launch Your Career with our Online Editing Course!

Your Editing Career Launched is designed to equip up-and-coming or prospective editors with the skills they need for a successful career. It can also serve as a refresher or solid grounding for other editors in advanced grammar and its usage. The course will be tailored to needs and preferences of the students who enrol.

The course offers a rigorous, deep learning experience inclusive of three learning stages:

  1. online preliminary exercises, reading, surveys and testing
  2. a challenging three-day, face-to-face workshop that is tailored to suit students’ specific learning needs
  3. three months of continued learning, support and coaching through a members-only Facebook group.

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from my 18 years in the editing industry and my expertise as one of Australia’s most experienced academic editors. I have developed a course that draws heavily on the top-tier training program I offer to my team at Capstone Editing—the first such program for academic editors in Australia.

We are restricting each course offering to a maximum of 12 participants. We currently have spaces available on three dates:

  • Friday 11 – Sunday 13 January 2019 in Melbourne (Stamford Plaza)
  • Friday 1 – Sunday 3 February 2019 in Adelaide (Stamford Plaza)
  • Friday 22 – Sunday 24 February 2019 in Melbourne (Stamford Plaza)

How to Launch Your Lucrative Career as an Editor

For a limited time only, you can get a special taste of what the course involves by attending a FREE live webinar. In the webinar, How to Launch Your Lucrative Career as an Editor, you will learn the three things you need to know to build an amazing freelance editing career.

These things are often forgotten or neglected even by experienced editors, and that you need to know NOW if you want to succeed.

The webinar also includes an in-depth Q&A component at the end, during which I’ll answer all your questions about Your Editing Career Launched.

But time is running out! We only have ONE free webinar remaining, at 10:30 AM, AEDT, on Friday 21 December. You can register for the webinar here. By registering, you will also get a reminder prior to the beginning of the stream.

If you want to read more about Your Editing Career Launched, please feel free to contact us at 1800 224 468, info@capstoneediting.com.au or on Facebook. You can also find out more on the Capstone College website.

I hope to see you there!

And yes, there will be an end-of-year bonus that you will only receive if you watch the webinar and enrol in the course before the end of this year!

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