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Guest Blogger Rilind Elezaj: Study Abroad to Explore a New Culture

Studying abroad is a two-in-one package: you will get your degree and learn a new culture. By the time you graduate, you will probably know how to speak a new language and cook foods from a different culture—and you will have made close international friends.

If you have ever dreamed of studying abroad, now would be a great time to apply for a vacancy in your dream institution, apply for a student visa and chase after your dreams. If you aren’t convinced that studying abroad would be your best decision yet, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven compelling reasons why you should consider studying abroad and exploring new cultures.

1.You will have a valid shot at becoming globally competitive

Technology today has reduced the international world to a global village; local businesses are becoming global and job seekers are no longer confined to their home countries. As you study, remember that you will not only be competing for jobs with your fellow countrymen and countrywomen—you will also be competing with many international students. That’s why you can’t simply rely on getting your first job locally. How competitive will your degree be outside your home country? Pursuing your degree in a foreign university allows you to acquire unique skills that local universities may not be offering, which in turn makes you competitive back home and in your host country.

2.You have a chance to see and interact with the world

In addition to global competitiveness, experiencing many foreign cities and interacting with people from diverse cultures will prepare you for working in the world. If you are keen and energetic, studying abroad could be your chance to see the world. You can, for example, be studying in London, but still have the time to visit other major cities in Europe. When searching for jobs or business opportunities in the future—both locally and internationally—you will have the advantage and experience of having traversed all those foreign cities during your studies.

3.You can learn a new language

Learning a new language is a major career advantage. You can work or do business with people who cannot speak your language, but who can speak your acquired language. Learning just one new language also provides you with a platform for learning more languages and for intimately learning about other people’s cultures—which are both desirable skills in today’s diverse world.

4.You have more reasons (and chances) to tour the world

As a student, you will have the opportunity of joining student clubs and other extracurricular programs that will take you to other countries. You may even be involved in a research project that would place you in international universities and offer you the invaluable chance of meeting other scholars. All these interactions will expand your list of friends, acquaintances and contacts. After graduating, these international friends may host you for social visits … or even recommend you for jobs.

5.You will become more independent and mature

Don’t get us wrong—we know you are already mature people. But, have you ever thought about how you would cope with living around new people, having to adapt to new cultures, having to eat foods you’ve never heard of before and being taught in a language you aren’t used to? If you learn how to adapt to all these scenarios without depending on the support others, then your independence and maturity levels will have been raised a notch higher. You will even be a leader and role model to other students back home.

6.You will understand yourself better

Being alone in a foreign land will entail you developing a new coping mechanism. You will have to try out new hobbies, develop new interests and find new sources of entertainment and inspiration. You may realise that your new hobbies and interests are actually more fulfilling than your previous ones.

The first few days also present you with the best moments for introspection. You reflect more on your life when you are in an unfamiliar environment, which helps you to better understand your fears and strengths. Later on, after making a few friends, you start using your new talents—which may even change your life completely.

7.Enhanced chances for graduate school admission

Graduating from a foreign university gives you the upper hand when searching for future scholarships and graduate school admissions. It communicates your confidence and determination to survive in new environments and underlines your commitment to your education. Sponsors and international universities will be impressed by your persistence and will offer you opportunities that you may not have gotten had you studied in your home country.

With these seven compelling reasons in mind, the only thing left for you to do is seize your next available chance of studying abroad—with confidence and determination!

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