An unprecedented 50% off our professional editing course

Have you always wanted to be an editor? Or are you an editor who needs to earn more?

On principle, Capstone Editing has never discounted our editing services or courses. We believe it devalues them and serves to undermine the conditions of editors—as other service providers also start to provide discounts in a race to the bottom.

However, we could not have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic nor the devastating and long-lasting effects it has had on our economy and our lives.

In response, for a short time, Capstone Editing is offering a discount of 50% off our online course for professional editors, Your Editing Career Launched, reducing the cost to only A$1,400. We also offer several interest-free payment plans to make the course as accessible as possible.

In these turbulent times, many people are changing careers or seeking flexible work from home, and many professional editors need to up-level their skills to increase their income. This discount is designed to help people in difficult economic circumstances access the training they need. We’ve even updated our course to include additional training to assist editors to earn more.

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